Tuesday, January 21, 2020

I Want to be an Elementary School Teacher :: Teaching Philosophy

Why I Want to be an Elementary School Teacher Why do I want to become an elementary school teacher? There are so many different things I love about teaching that it is hard to answer this question. The main reason is that I want to transfer my knowledge and ideas to children who can further the things I have taught them to become successful. Many teachers throughout my life have been a big inspiration to me. They have taught me many things about basic knowledge and also about life. They have made education fun and exciting. My teacher’s did such a good job that it actually inspired me to be a teacher myself. At a younger age, children are more apt to learn the basic skills in life. Reading habits, writing styles, and many more other things are critical to being taught the right way at an early age. If the child is not taught how to read sentence by sentence to understand the meaning at an early age, it is very difficult for them to study later on in the future. There are many different types of students that will be in a classroom. There will be visual learners, more hands-on type of learners, and many more. I hope to develop my classroom in a way so that I can teach all the different types of learning. Technology has really made this goal a large amount easier to accomplish. With the use of webpage’s and software, a teacher can now reinforce the different topics they cover in a classroom. Rousseau believed that children were born innocent and with the same intelligence. I do believe that children are born with intelligence; I just want to be able to expand on that. If I could just teach children how to do basic math problems, what a sentence is, or anything educational I would feel so accomplished. A classroom should also be a place for many other types of learning to take place. Students should be able to learn about social relationships, emotions, and themselves.